Tips For Importing Goods

Importing wholesale is a good way for your company to make a profit on just about anything. However, you can’t just leap into a deal with just about anyone. For all you know, you could end up dealing with the Triads while trying to bring rice into the country. There is a lot that could go wrong, including vendors who try to cheat you out of product, or providing you with products that aren’t of the same quality as was agreed upon. If you want to ensure that you get what you asked for, in the time you asked for it, follow these tips:

Don’t make assumptions

Never assume anything about the availability of the products your vendor is supposed to give you. Make sure that you communicate with them and get proof that the product actually is in stock. For example, when you try to import goods from Asia to Australia you might experience a lot of false information from your vendor. Don’t be fooled by this. If you see a seller trying to send you a product that you have never seen on their website, make sure that you ask for a sample first. This applies to any product that you order.

Don’t let them scare you

Vendors aren’t going to eat your brains. Don’t overthink the communication with them. The fact of the matter is that a lot of vendors are very friendly indeed, and respond politely. They work towards building a positive relationship. Make sure that you are polite to them in return. If you want to import goods from Asia to Australia it might not be a good idea to say anything racist. Even a joke made in good faith could be received in a less than humorous manner. It is best to remain professional, warm and courteous.

Trust your instincts

At some point in your importing experience you are going to find yourself stuck with a vendor who just doesn’t feel right to you. If your gut tells you that this relationship isn’t going places, you should follow it. For example, if the vendor is way too friendly for comfort and begins pushing you to buy products you have already declined, they might be on the way to becoming spammers. A good strategy would be to not use your main email for correspondence on import websites. For further information go to this link.

Whatever you do, always stay calm, collected and professional. Follow your instincts whenever possible, and try to appear like you know what you are doing.

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