The Use Of Colors In Advertising

Most people fail to realize the effects that are created in their minds due to the distinct use of colors in the ads. Marketing experts are known to have come up with ways of utilizing colors in order to invoke certain feelings about a product or service. Psychology talks about the effects of colors on our minds and the same stimulants are utilized in different ways on the advertising campaigns. In general, there are three wide categories of colors – warm, cool and black and white combinations. Every category has certain shades that evoke certain emotions and associations in the minds of customers.

Warm colors and their significance

It is known that certain shades like red, yellow and orange can invoke the feeling of warmth and comfort. For that reason, most food based ads usually make use of these colors or hues. The background colors are usually shades of the warm tones which are found in most fast food and other restaurant outlets. Vinyl sticker posters which are created for most fast food ads by the printers usually see the use of red and yellow in the images.

Cool colors and their significance

The colors like blue are considered cool colors for the effects that they have on people’s mind. Blue is associated with a calming effect due to which it is considered to be opposite to the effect created by warm colors in terms of excitement or cravings. As a calming effect reduces appetite, most food ads will stay away from the color blue unless cool drinks are being advertised. The blue shade instills a sense of healing as well due to which it is often used in most health care or medical product ads by printers.

Black and white colors

When one wishes to create a sense of starkness or invoke opposite emotions, the two opposite colors of black and white play a significant role. In order to invoke the sense of purity or perfection as well as power or elegance, these two colors are often used. The use of both colors helps to create a stunning contrast in the minds of people and are used in product or service ads accordingly.

How colors are used by the marketing experts

Most brand managers or companies hand over the design of their ads or promotional campaigns to marketing experts or media agencies who in turn have creative professionals to design graphic elements and play with colors in order to create an overall stunning display or an image that can create an impact in the minds of customers. The ads are designed on different platforms like electronic ads, banners or posters which are then displayed in different regions or channels in order to capture the attention of the target audience.

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