The Applications Of Compressors

Air/electric compressors are helpful in varied applications. Most of the compressors come equipped with built-in motors that still keep on operating when the machine of the vehicle comes to a halt so as to enhance fuel efficiency. Today, the market is flooded with different types of compressors, low-pressure, and high-pressure compressors. Its classification depends upon the principle of operation and design of the machine. To learn more about air compressor, continue reading here for additional information.

The function of these compressors

Basically positive displacement compressors function by channeling air into a chamber where the space is decreased so as to enhance pressure of air. Positive displacement compressors entail piston-type, rotary screw compressors and vane compressors. The negative displacement compressors refer to centrifugal compressors that use centrifugal force.

Why are these electric air compressors designed?

Have you ever wondered why the different types of compressors gas/electric air compressors are designed? Well, you will have an answer to the question when you learn of the applications of compressors and how they contribute to the many uses that define the operations and functions of different facilities. A look at the applications will give you some idea.

The Applications of these compressors

The electric air compressors are used for:

• Supplying moderate-pressure of clean air to any submerged surface of supplied diver

• For supplying high-pressurized clean air into gas cylinders

• Highly-pressurized clean air is used for driving the pneumatic HVAC control systems of school buildings and offices

• Creating large-volumes of very moderate-pressure air for supplying to large-scale industrial units. For instance, oxidation for petroleum coking a and also for purge systems of cement plant bag house

• For providing momentum with moderate-pressure air to pneumatic tools like jackhammers

• Most importantly, for filing tires

• Gas turbine system

• Petroleum refineries, chemical plants

• For filling high-pressurized cylinders for welding, medical and other uses

• For jet engines like turbofans and turbojets

• Auto repair shops and service stations

• Hyperbatic oxygen therapy, SCUBA diving, life support devices

• Submarines also use compressors for storing air so that it can used for displacing water from the buoyancy system

• Heavy transport vehicles on road and rail used compressed air so as to help in functioning of road vehicle and rail vehicle brakes

• Even some aircrafts need compressors so as to maintain cabin pressurization at a certain altitude

• And so on.

Though, you can find many classifications in compressors, the gas and air compressors are the two most common types. 

No wonder, the application of compressors are widely seen. The ultimate idea is to use kinetic energy of air that is produced through pressure for various purposes. Choose the right compressors and use it to meet your needs.

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