Renting Vs. Buying Furniture For Your New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment, but don’t know whether to buy or rent your furniture? Here are some things you should think about before you decide.


First think about how long you will be staying in your new apartment. Is for a few months, a couple of years or indefinitely? If it is only for a few months or a few years it might better to rent it. If you pay a large sum and purchase furniture you will have to take it with you the next time you move. The sofa that looks so good in your current apartment might not fit into your next apartment and you might have to sell it off at a lower price or give it away. In case you are not sure how long you’ll be staying then you can go for a rent option. If you decide to stay on then you can buy it. 

Cost and maintenance

Once you buy any appliance it is your responsibility to maintain it. Maintenance is costly and also a nuisance. On the other hand when you rent an appliance maintenance is not your problem.

Think of a situation where you need a washing machine in your apartment, because lugging your laundry back and forth from the nearest Laundromat is a hassle for you. If you can’t decide whether to buy or rent think about your cost on the long run. When you buy a washing machine you will need to pay for transport and installation as well. All repair costs will have to be covered by you. After all of that if you need to leave you leave your apartment you will have to take it with you, in which case you will have to pay for transportation again. Conversely, if you rent a washing machine the cost you pay per month is less and most companies will give free transport and installation. They will take care of the maintenance and you can return it when you need to go.

Enjoy the benefit of expensive appliances for a lesser price

If you buy and install a brand new air conditioner in your apartment, you cannot take it when you leave. If you choose to remove it, repair the damages and transport it to your next location you will lose a significant amount of money. If you leave it you will not get the benefit of what you paid for. However, if you rent portable air conditrioner then maintenance is not your problem. When you need to move you can simply return it. So you will only be paying for the service you are getting.

Always consider the things like the time span you will be needing an appliance for, the urgency of the need and the money at hand when you have to decide whether to rent or buy. Benefits come in many forms other than money.

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